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Vocaloid DJ Hachioji P To Perform At SMASH!’s 10th Anniversary Event


When you get to my age, you stop celebrating certain things. This is why I havn’t been to a proper party in over a decade. Oh, in my hay-day I was quite a sight to behold; I was king of the dance floor! They used to call me “The Charleston Kid“, and I would swing and bop my way through all kinds of musical tracks. T’was quite the time to be alive. Now, just because I’ve retired, and no longer have the strong enough bones to go to shindigs, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! Listen up, kids, as Grandpa Frank let’s you in on something pretty cool that’s coming up this August.

We all know what SMASH! is, right? Surely! SnapThirty has been attending the Japanese Pop Culture event ever since the sight started up, so if you’re a keen follower of us then surely you’d know. Well did you know that this year marks SMASH!’s 10th anniversary? Oh ho ho! Well, to celebrate said anniversary, SMASH! are preparing a few grand guests who will be attending and performing at their celebratory event; two big names in the Japanese music world!


Just announced to be performing at SMASH!’s 10th Anniversary Event are Japanese Vocaloid DJ Hachioji P, and home grown artist DJ Catalystic who, just like Hachioji, is an incredibly talented performer that has done wonders bringing Japanese music to Australian shores. Known as “The Prince Of Vocaloid”, Hachioji P is an extremely popular DJ both in Japan and across the world, with his most popular songs being “Sweet Devil” and “Electric Love“. Perhaps you know them. He, alongside DJ Catalystic, will provide the music for SMASH!’s celebratory event, making it one convention you don’t want to miss out on!

Now, when exactly is this? Well, I have the answer for you right here: SMASH! 2016, like last year, will be held at Sydney’s Rosehill Gardens across the weekend of the 20th and 21st of August. This here concert will be held on the 20th, and will go from 7:30pm until 10:30pm. For any more information on the event, head to the official anniversary page by Clicking Here.


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