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Digimon Adventure Tri. Hits North American Cinemas This September


Now, reader; what is better than a Digimon Adventure Tri. official English dub release? The answer; a theatrical release of said English dub! Film Distribution company Eleven Arts have come together with Toei Animation for not only an English dub of the series of movies but to detail plans on their theatrical release throughout North America, of course, starting with the very first of the films; Reunion. It is clear to both companies that there are still fans of the franchise floating around in the West, and it seems as though they’re more than willing to, for lack of a better phrase; give a dog a bone.

Working with Fathom Events, a cinema-centric company that organises events for specialty films, Eleven Arts have revealed that they will be hosting one-time screenings of the movie across 300 North American theatres on the 15th of September, but if you cannot make it to the one-night showing, do not stress; Eleven Arts also have plans to give the film a proper theatrical release soon after that of the specialty screening.


The last time something along these lines had happened was back in 2000 when Digimon: The Movie was released worldwide, accompanied by an altered pre-movie episode of Angela Anaconda. My hope is that we, once again, see an amazing audience turn out for this film…also I would love to see that short episode of Angela Anaconda on the big screen one more time before I die.

As of right now, no specific information on screening locations or times has been released, but we will be sure to update the website with that information as soon as it is made available to the public. So as to leave you in even higher spirits; the original voice actor for Tentomon, Jeff Nimoy, announced on his personal twitter page that he will be returning as Tentomon for the upcoming film, hopefully joined by his fellow cast which, at this point in time, have not commented on the English dub of the film.

Regardless, we know that this is happening, and we know that the film will get a North American theatrical release. So long as people turn up to experience the first film on the big screen, you can be sure that Eleven Arts and Toei Animation will do everything in their power to localise the other films, so support Digimon and it will surely return the favour!


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