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Dawn of a New Era – Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Revealed

Like night and day

It’s the night of Nintendo Direct, you’re sitting in front of your computer screen, twiddling your thumbs until that fateful moment when the words Sun and Moon splash across your screen. Sure you’ve seen those words before, but not like this. No, this time they have to do with Pokemon, with the franchise you’ve probably been following since before you knew what an anime was. But alas, information is scarce, so you take to the world wide web in hopes of learning more, anything you can get your hands on. You search and you search and just when you think you’ve stumbled upon an all new Pokemon, your hopes are dashed by one simple term; fake. We’ve all been there, all though for even the briefest of seconds that one person’s fan art was true, that it was the window into a whole new world of Pokemon when it was really some random person testing their Ken Sugimori homage style. Quite frankly, it sucks. but fear no longer fellow Trainers, for the day of revelation has arrived. No longer do we find ourselves waiting in the shadow of misinformation, no longer must we wallow in the uncertainty of fake-but-kind-of-real-looking Pokemon designs, because today…today we know the truth. The truth that our three new starter buddies are real and they have names. And now, without further ado, I introduce you to…


CATEGORY Grass Quill Pokémon
HEIGHT 1’00”
WEIGHT 3.3 lbs.
TYPE Grass/Flying
ABILITY Overgrow

Rowlet can attack without making a sound! It flies silently through the skies, drawing near to its opponent without being noticed, and then lashing out with powerful kicks. It can also attack from a distance using the razor-sharp leaves that form part of its feathers.

Its visual abilities are impressive. The darkness of night is no obstacle to Rowlet! It can twist its neck nearly 180° from front to back so it can see directly behind itself. It has a habit of turning its head in battle to face its Trainer and receive instructions.

The move Leafage attacks an opponent by striking it with leaves. Rowlet knows this move from the moment it becomes your partner!

Isn’t this guy a hoot? Just look at him. Don’t you just want to hug him? He’s even got a little bow tie and everything. So precious.


CATEGORY Fire Cat Pokémon
HEIGHT 1’04”
WEIGHT 9.5 lbs.

Logical but also passionate, Litten always remains coolheaded and doesn’t show its emotions on the surface.

Litten can attack with flaming hairballs! Its fur is rich in oils and immensely flammable. Litten grooms itself by licking its fur, and then uses the collected fur as fuel for fireball attacks!

When the time comes for Litten to shed its old fur, it all burns up in a glorious blaze.

The move Ember attacks an opponent by firing a small flame at it. Litten knows this move from the moment it becomes your partner!

Now this cool cat is one hot customer. Just look at those scars and stripes, that aloof expression. This one knows what’s up.


CATEGORY Sea Lion Pokémon
HEIGHT 1’04”
WEIGHT 16.5 lbs.
TYPE Water

Popplio’s swimming speed is known to exceed 25 mph. It’s better at moving in the water than on land. Still, when it’s on land, it takes advantage of the elasticity of its balloons to perform acrobatic stunts and jumps.

Popplio can snort out balloons made of water! Watch it spin water balloons into a playful battle strategy!

Both frivolous and hard-working, Popplio can easily get carried away—unleashing enough power in battle to make quite a spectacle! But Popplio’s determined spirit means it can usually be found practicing hard on its balloon skills.

The Water Gun move attacks an opponent by firing a jet of water. Popplio knows this move from the moment it becomes your partner!

Hehehe, look at this guy. What a loveable little goofball. One part sea mammal and two parts circus performer, you’re guaranteed to have fun with this one around.

Celestial Duo

Well don’t these guys just look awesome? With the Sun represented by a boss lion and the Moon by an elegant bat, something tells me this generation is gonna rock. Now if we only knew these guys names…because I kinda made up that whole “Celestial Duo” thing.

As for information regarding the games themselves, only a few key elements are known…and even some of those are suppositions. The lovely gentleman who offers one of the aforementioned starters to your lovely handheld selves is known as Hala. Real chiefly lookin’ dude. This ties in nicely with the revelation that Alola, the new region, is carrying an apparent Hawaiian theme, featuring sunny skies, palm trees for days and crystal blue waves that just roll your cares away. Also the name sounds a lot like aloha…so there’s that too.

Eagle eyed viewers may also have noticed slight variations in trainer costuming throughout the trailer, leading most to believe that trainer customisation is making a return. Which is neat. I mean, you’ve gotta look your best when you’re trying to capture a creature that is possibly the personification of the Sun itself, or the Moon, depending on your preference.

Gameplay wise, a minute, but awesome, change is that all starter Pokemon possess their elemental beginner move right from the get go. No longer must we wait until Lv.7 before we can dole out those sweet, sweet super effective maneuvers. That being said, I hope their isn’t a new Gary Oak to fight immediately after choosing a starter…that guy always pick the better half of the type matchup. What a jerk. Regardless, Rowlet brings a brand new move to the fray with Leafage. My assumption here is that, apart from leaves suiting his visage more than vines, their is no Grass equivalent to Ember and Water Gun in terms of power. Both Vine Whip and Razor Leaf miss the 40 base power mark, so it’s probably all in the aid of fairness. Well, that and it shows us there will be some new moves in Sun and Moon. Yay.

So yeah, let that all sink in. Was it everything you hoped it would be. Were any of your guesses right? Do you already know who your starter is going to be? Because I sure as heck don’t. They’re all just so cool and/or cute, I can’t make up my mind. Oh well, I’ve got until November to pace back and forth with you all as we impatiently wait for the release date. So, with much trepidation and a slight annoyance regarding my inability to control time, I will say only this; let the waiting game begin!


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