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Gurren Lagann Pachinko Machines Revealed, The World Falls Silent In Sadness


As it turns out, Pachinko parlours are where dreams go to die…but at least their burial site is flooded with the clashing of stainless steel ball-bearings and clouded with cigarette smoke. That’s good, right? At the end of December last year, my fellow writer Kane Bugeja posted an article regarding an “exciting new Gurren Lagann project” that took the internet by storm, despite the fact that nobody knew a single thing about what it could be. Click Here to read the full article. For a week or so…nothing had been said, which left us fans of the ridiculous Anime series in a state of, let’s say, confusing limbo. Well I’ve got some bad news for everybody who was excited for the possibility of another Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Anime series; you ain’t getting it…sorry.

When this news began circulating the world wide web, it was thanks to a brand-new website made for the simple sake of teasing audiences. This website’s domain name featured the letters P and S, which some people came to think eluded to the idea that there may be a video game in the works specifically for the latest PlayStation console, whereas more realistic others hit the nail on the head by suggesting that this new “project” is most likely going to be revealed as a new line of Gurren Lagann-based pachinko machines. As you now already know…they were correct.

So there’s no new Gurren Lagann Anime, nor is there going to be a Gurren Lagann video game for the PlayStation, but there are soon going to be two different Pachinko machines (one based on Gurren Lagann, and the other based on Lazengann) made playable in many Pachinko parlours across the great country of Japan. Yes, fans of the series living over here in the West may never get a chance to actually come into contact with the machines that disappointed us to such a degree…but you’ll be happy to know that many local Yakuza will exploit it for the sake of perpetuating their underground gambling society. You can take pride in that!




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