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It’s A Dog Beat Dog World – Killing Bites Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer Released

A Cheetah can’t change her spots…can she?

With Tokyo Game Show 2015 well underway, you would not be faulted for expecting a few trailers to see a release. I especially won’t fault you considering that a new trailer is exactly what I am here to talk about. This time around, say hello to Killing Bites.

From what was shown, the game centres around some lovely hybrid ladies, who bring some animalistic elements to some kind of fight. Though I’m not exactly sure if they’re fighting each other, or the more complete bestial characters that also exist (such as the wolf seen in the trailer), you can be damn sure that they’ll fight…in one way or another. Ok, so this was one of those cinematic trailers that introduced the idea of a game without actually showing the content. But, popular or not, it is a style of advertisement that has become commonplace in the video game industry. But I digress, at the very least, Killing Bites looks interesting enough to warrant looking a gameplay trailer, whenever it releases.

So…that all sounded pretty negative didn’t it? Sorry about that. Point if the matter is that the trailer looks cool, it just doesn’t really show me enough to justify a complete opinion one way or the other. I’ll stay hopeful though, the hal animal, half lady ladies looked pretty cool. I think one of them was a cheetah…


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