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Dragon Quest XI: In Search Of Departed Time Announced For The PS4 And 3DS


You know, it’s awesome that Square Enix are getting creative with their off-shoot Dragon Quest titles like Heroes, Builders and Monsters Joker 3, but what the fans really long for deep inside is another addition to the main line of numerical titles; one that’s made specifically for the new age of video games, and one that’s not just an updated re-release of an older title. This is why Square Enix’s announcement of Dragon Quest XI: In Search Of Departed Time is so incredibly exciting!

Announced at a special Dragon Quest-centric conference, Square Enix revealed this new title saying that it is currently in development for both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS. It was also briefly mentioned that a title may be considered for Nintendo’s mystical new console; the Nintendo NX.

Apart from actually revealing the game to audiences, Square Enix did their very best not to say anything more than what they needed to in order to get the worldwide Dragon Quest audience hyper excited for the upcoming title. Showing two early gameplay videos of both version, we the audience get a pretty good idea of what we’re to expect from this new game, though it is still early on in development so expect changes.

Nothing was said about a release date or even a release window, so don’t expect this game to hit local shelves for quite some time. Until more news breaks, you’ve got two videos to watch and appreciate, both of which I have provided for you below. Enjoy!

PlayStation 4 Preview:

Nintendo 3DS Preview:


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