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Introducing SnapThirty’s Very Own Photographer/Videographer: Crystal Whichelo


This website is still young, and like a baby it is always growing, changing, learning, and evolving. Since we first launched, our team has always been small. Made up of three key players with outside help from a duo of talented writers, SnapThirty has always been a platform for dedicated individuals to flex their creative muscles, and celebrate what it is that they love the most; Japanese Pop Culture.

Since it first began, we have brought you all different kinds of entertainment from feature articles, to podcast, and now even videos. Those of you who have followed us from the very beginning understand the evolution of SnapThirty as well as the tight bond that we all share. You’ve seen us develop our craft and step forward together into the future, but coming very soon there will be another person for you to keep your eyes on as we continue into greatness.

Every good outfit such as ours needs more than just good writers and good talkers. Over the past few weeks, each of us have been in talks about what we can do to branch out even more, expanding our reach and developing a solid creative structure dedicated to bringing you even better content as we move forward, and we’ve decided that we cannot do that without our very own photographer and videographer.

We, the SnapThirty team, would officially like to introduce you all to our newest member; Crystal Whichelo. Bringing her photographic expertise to the website, Crystal will handle all of our photo-taking and video-capturing needs. You’ll see her at conventions alongside the rest of us, taking pictures of cosplayers and con-goers as well as acting as the brains behind the camera when it is time for us to create video content for the site.

Crystal will be a wonderful addition to our small team, and our hopes are that you like here just as much as you like us, so please welcome her with everything that you’ve got!

If you’d like to see her previous works, please head to her official Facebook page by Clicking Here, and stay tuned for her work here at SnapThirty.


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