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The War Rages On – Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Is Headed To A PC Near You

Final-Fantasy-Type-0-HD-Promotional-Image-01People simply cannot get enough of Final Fantasy! Even more, people simply cannot get enough of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and I can absolutely see why; Western audiences had to wait so very long to get their hands on this title and now that they have…they simply don’t want to let it go. The only bad thing about the next generation release of this once PlayStation Portable game is that it was only made available on the PlayStation 4. For people like me who actually have a PlayStation 4 this is absolutely fine, but it is more for those people out there who do not!

At the 2015 MSI Computex Gaming Night event, Square Enix announced that they will be releasing the game in all it’s true HD glory for PCs sometime in the near future through Steam which I’m sure you all know about. Hell, I’m sure you all spend most of your money during Steam sales, and now you’ve just got another game to add to the hundreds you’ve yet to even install thanks to the service’s low prices.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD won’t be going through a huge change on it’s way to the PC. It will feature a new graphical option so that gamers running with a high-end computer will be able to see this game in even better quality, and it will also have a new control system that will make it easier to be played on PC systems. Apart from that it is the same game people loved on the PlayStation 4, but now playable on the PC.

Square Enix have announced that this game will be “coming soon”, but when exactly that will be is way beyond us at this point in time. I’m sure they’ll shed some light on an official release date real soon, so stay tuned!


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