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JAEGAR! ‘Attack on Titan’ Breaks Down The Walls Of 7-Eleven


Do you like Attack on Titan? Do you like 7-Eleven? Well of course you like both of those things. You’d be a bit of a goose not to enjoy the thrilling epic scale of Attack on Titan or the famed convenience of the store known as 7-Eleven. Well in a crossover event that the entire fate of mankind depends upon has begun. Attack on Titan and 7-Eleven will be running a promotion together in Japan.

The promotion comes ahead of the live-action cinematic adaptation of the Attack on Titan series and will see life-size figures of characters such as Levi and Eren Jaegar appear in stores. Any customer who spends over 780 yen will go into the draw to win one of these life-size standees which is valued at roughly 1,728,000 yen each. Which is roughly $18,100 AUD.


What do you think of this epic crossover promotion. Do you think that 7-Eleven is a fitting partner for the colossal anime and manga franchise Attack on Titan? Let us know in the comments section below.


Flip flop slipperdy snap, want to hear a puzzle slap? Who hoot hoots like a shoe in the night, what beetleborgs do is quite a fright. You can be Scooby Doo and eat your pie too but I'm just having some fun being Halliday, dude.

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