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Nintendo To Make Mobile Games with DeNA, Dollar Signs Appear Spontaneously In People’s Eyes


Gaming giant Nintendo have just announced a major partnership with mobile game company DeNA to bring Mario an all his colourful Nintendo pals to mobile devices in an upcoming line on Nintendo branded mobile games.

This is a major step for Nintendo to be taking considering they have remained defiant in the past about developing for mobile devices considering it is somewhat of a competitor to their handheld platform the 3DS.

Rather amazingly since the announcement that Nintendo would be join the mobile gaming craze, Nintendo’s stock has seen a dramatic rise of 32%. While it is likely attributed to the mobile games announcement, it should be noted that Nintendo simultaneously confirmed they are indeed working on a new home console, tentatively titled Nintendo NX.

Well fancy that, hell hath frozen over. Nintendo is extending the olive branch and diving into some uncharted territory for the century old company. I think it is a pretty cool leap for Nintendo and I hope that it brings even more gamers into the wonderful world of Nintendo.


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1 comment on “Nintendo To Make Mobile Games with DeNA, Dollar Signs Appear Spontaneously In People’s Eyes

  1. As a shareholder I’ve got dollar signs over this. I doubt it’ll be that lucrative unless they put the new Pokemon free downloadable title on there to really rake in the cash since its Fremium.

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