Persona 3 The Movie #2 Nets English Subtitled Trailer

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With a release date set for the not too distant future of March 11th, Aniplex of America has released an English subtitled trailer for Persona 3 The Moive #2: Midsummer Knight’s Dream.

The film will be sold in Blu-Ray and via two versions, both standard and collector, with each providing different additional bonuses. Though I’m sure by now you know what a collector’s edition is, everything seems to have one these days. In addition to the trailers, commercials and audio commentary of the standard version, the collector’s edition in question will add a soundtrack CD, art box featuring an illustration by Keisuke Watanabe (character designer/animation director), new cover art, 10 stickers, 3 illustration cards and a 48 page booklet. Whew.

IF all the extras weren’t enough of an incentive to buy, or the actual movie itself lest we forget that, Aniplex is also selling both editions at a discount. The collector’s edition will set you back US$79.98 (down from US$99.98) whilst the standard will be available for US$59.98 (down from US$74.98). All that considered, why not check out the trailer before you decide to purchase either edition. Or decide first and then watch the trailer. I’m not the boss of you.



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