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First “Bleach” Video Game For Smartphones Announced

Bleach-Brave-Souls-Translated-Announcement-Image-01Here’s something I’m sure you didn’t think you’d be reading about today. The latest edition of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump features an interesting little announcement regarding a brand-new “Bleach” video game developed specifically for use with Smartphones.

The game is called “Bleach: Brave Souls”, of course, and will feature graphics as well as gameplay style similar to that of the “Soul Carnival” series of games. This basically means it will be a hack and slash adventure game sporting cute “chibi” versions of the main character cast.

From the screenshots shown in the announcement, it seems as though the game will tackle the story of “Bleach” before it became too convoluted and generally unenjoyable, also known as the time before Aizen was finally taken down. This means you’ll get the chance to, once again, storm the Soul Society, take on old enemies, and help Ichigo grow into the overpowered killing machine he is today.

Not revealed through the announcement is an actual release date nor a developer for the game, just that it is up for pre-order now and that if you do so you’ll be given a special download code rhat can be entered into the game to unlock the playable character Hitsugaya. If you want to go even further and complete a special quiz you’ll even be given the ability to use his Bankai. Pretty awesome if you’re bothered enough to actually do it which, let’s be honest, if you’re going to buy the game you’re going to do the quiz.

There will be plenty of characters to play as and a whole bunch of story arcs to get through so “Brave Souls” should last you a while. Let’s just hope, like any Smartphone game, you don’t get bored of it after about twenty minutes and decide to move on to better things. I’ve skimmed the comments section where people are discussing this news and all I can see are people wanting a full “Bleach” game on a home console. Seeing as “Bleach” is way past its prime and, hopefully, on the way out once and for all, I doubt this is going to happen. Miracles do happen though.

Note: Scan translated by ShonenGamez



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