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“Kingdom Hearts III” To Possibly Get a Release This Year


The amazing social networking power of Twitter allows many of the world’s people to connect with each other in ways that were unforeseen before our generation. This is great for people like me who want to be up to date with their favorite celebrities. It’s even better for people who may actually get a chance to interact with their favorite celebrities!

This is something, as children, we couldn’t even imagine. We at SnapThirty have interacted, on many occasions, with Joseph Motiki who was the voice of Metabee in the “Medabots” English dub all those years ago; one of our favorite television series’ growing up. As kids we would have never imagined doing so, so to live in an age where we can is something special.

A fan of the “Kingdom Hearts” series of video games reached out to one of the voice actors simply asking him about his voice work and the possible release schedule of the game. Bill Farmer (@GoofyBill), the voice of Disney’s Goofy and Pluto, responded to the young fan saying; “We have been recording on it for the past few years. It is supposed to come out later this year”.


People immediately took this as an official release date confirmation and I cannot stress enough that it isn’t. As you know, the internet tend s to over-exaggerate certain things and this is just another one of those occasions. As you can imagine, people have rushed his Twitter page to ask about more in-depth details regarding the new game but Mr. Farmer is sticking to his guns and not saying a word.

Though, the more people that question him about the release schedule, the more uneasy he gets so I urge you all reading to not bother Mr. Farmer with an onslaught of questions. Instead, revel in the idea that “Kingdom Hearts III” may be getting a release this year! Isn’t that enough to be happy about?

Head over to Mr. Farmer’s Twitter page if you’re interested in seeing, first hand, just what it is that he’s saying but a great deal of what has been said regarding a 2015 release has a taken down so you may be faced with a few error pages when clicking through.



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