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A Shiny Pokemon Appears! What Happens Next Will Shock You


Not everyone can be an elite ace Pokemon trainer like me. Such was the harsh reality that one youtuber by the name of Ohnickel learned the hard way when he was confronted by a wild Ralts. Now this wasn’t any normal Ralts, this was a super rare shiny Ralts!

During Ohnickel’s attempt to capture this Lvl 14 Ralts things go in a rather shocking direction. But hey, not everyone can be the ace trainer assigned with the mission of completing the pokedex to its fullest completion by the honourable Prof Birch – not all trainers are me.

Check out the shocking turn of events below. Do you think that Ohnickel is a bit of a goof or that this Ralts was just too damn good? Let us know in the comments section.



Flip flop slipperdy snap, want to hear a puzzle slap? Who hoot hoots like a shoe in the night, what beetleborgs do is quite a fright. You can be Scooby Doo and eat your pie too but I'm just having some fun being Halliday, dude.

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