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Check Out Hanabee’s January Anime Releases


Hanabee, one of the biggest and young Australian Anime distributors, have just announced a few of the titles that they’re set to release in January of next year and, before giving away too much, they’re so damn awesome! Announced just yesterday, these four new Anime titles are already up for pre-order on the official Hanabee site which you can jump over to by Clicking Here. 2014 is almost over and that means 2015 is on the horzion. With the coming of a new year also comes some new pop culture products like video games and Anime for us all to enjoy and Hanabee are starting off their 2015 release schedule in a big way. The following series’ will each be getting a release on the 7th of January next year and will be made available in both the DVD and Blu-Ray formats.

“Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They?” – The Complete Series

DVD: $59.99 Blu-Ray: $59.99

Hanabee-Janurary-Releases-Image-01One person’s problem can be another person’s solution. Bored of their world Izayoi, Asuka and Yo accept an opportunity to be sent to Little Garden. An alternate world, Little Garden operates a little differently to Earth whereby the status and power given to groups is determined by what’s known as ‘Gift Games’.

Gift Games place individuals from opposing communities against one another in a test of skill. Having been defeated time and time again in these challenges, the little known community called No Name is waging all their luck on these three young Earthlings to restore their group to its former glory. Will this rag tag group of children be able to defeat their enemies or will they succumb to their ego?


“Red Data Girl” – The Complete Series

DVD: $59.99 Blu-Ray: $59.99

Hanabee-Janurary-Releases-Image-02A rare item should always be protected. Izumiko Suzuhara is not what you would call social. Raised in the remote mountains by her grandparents and with a penchant for modern technology to break at her fingertips she’s learned to grow up by herself.

In a bid to step out of her shell, Izumiko enrolls into a school based in Tokyo along with Miyuki Sagara, her estranged childhood friend. Together they discover that Izumiko is more than your typical shy 15 year old and in fact is a vessel for the goddess known as Himegami with Miyuki tasked as her guardian. Forced to get along with their entwined destinies, Izumiko and Miyuki are battling an uphill battle in Red Data Girl.

“Blood Lad” – The Complete Series

DVD: $59.99 Blu-Ray: $59.99

Hanabee-Janurary-Releases-Image-03How far would you go to save a stranger? Feared East district leader of the Demon World, Staz, is secretly a nerd at heart. Obsessed with all things Japan his long unfulfilled wish of visiting Japan might be one step closer when Japanese girl Fuyumi wonders into his territory.

However, his excitement might be short lived when she meets an unfortunate demise after being swallowed by a monster. Left with just her soul, Staz vows to restore Fuyumi back to life no matter how hard the task. But his promise might have far reaching consequences will Staz be able to revive Fuyumi’s life before it ends his?



DVD/Blu-Ray Combo: $49.99

Hanabee-Janurary-Releases-Image-04The past can come back to haunt you. Shinobu’s past is coming back with a vengeance. Known only as the “darkness”, for its elusive and unidentifiable nature, this mysterious phenomenon utterly decimates everything in its wake.

A victim to the “darkness” 400 years ago, Shinobu seems to be a target to its attack once again. Araragi, Mayoi and Yotsugi are there to help with Shinobu’s dilemma but the answer to the problem may be more complicated than first believed. Is Shinobu really the intended victim or is she just a ruse to hide the bigger issue at hand?


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