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Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord Out Now for North and South America

A Divine Empire will fall

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord is here and it’s time to bring down the Divine Empire. You may be thinking, “I am but a gamer, how couldst I hope to topple such a foe?” Well my friends (in North and South America), $39.99 is all you need for  the chance. But even so, you may notice the II within the title of the game, those two lines that denote a sequel and a plethora of plot points already missed. Well fear not, for this 80 hours requires no knowledge of the previous title, so enjoy freely and join more than 15 main characters on a strategic turn-based quest, where joint attacks are a way of life and battle-hardened generals fall before your might.

Tears to Tiara II follows Hamilcar Barca, a young man eking his way through life indentured to the Divine Empire. But when the Empire burns an innocent girl at the stake, he unleashes a terrible secret–his unbridled rage and demonic might the berserker. With his newfound strength and at the insistence of a goddess, Hamilcar shoulders the burden of freeing his people from the tyranny of a corrupt Empire. On his journey to free himself and his enslaved people, he will fight alongside powerful allies, beasts, and even the gods themselves. However, he must control the demon within first, lest he himself turns the world to ash.



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