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Heracross And Pinsir Are The Stars Of The Latest “Pokemon X and Y” Distribution Event


Nintendo have come out over the weekend and released a bunch of information regarding their very next ‘Pokemon’ Wi-Fi distribution plan which just so happens to revolve around both Heracross and Pinsir, two bug-type ‘Pokemon’ each with their very own Mega Evolutions. This distribution event, as of right now, is just for North American players of ‘Pokemon X and Y’ for the Nintendo 3DS.

Those of you who happen to have ‘Pokemon X’ will be given a Heracross whereas those of you with ‘Pokemon Y’ will be getting a Pinsir. Each of which will come battle-ready with all four attack slots filled and a nature that suits the ‘Pokemon’ itself. This event will run from the 13th of August all the way up until the 17th of September and will coincide with a special Mega Stone distribution event which will be run by Gamestop stores around the country.

Stop in at any Gamestop between the 18th of August and the 31st of August to receive a special code that, once put into the game, will allow you to chose between a Heracronite and a Pinsirite, of which will pair up perfectly with your newly-received Heracross or Pinsir.


The Lv. 50 Heracross has an Adamant Nature and knows Bullet Seed, Pin Missile, Close Combat, and Megahorn. Its Ability, Swarm or Guts, will change to Skill Link during Mega Evolution.


The Lv. 50 Pinsir has an Adamant Nature and knows X-Scissor, Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Return. It will have one of two Abilities: the defensive Hyper Cutter Ability or Mold Breaker.

NOTE: Pokemon descriptions provided by The Pokemon Company.


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